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Omega Motor was established in the year 2000 with a HQ based in Cairo and manufacturing and workshop plant based in Belbis area, 20 KM from Cairo. The workshop has been constructed on 4000 square meters.

Omega Motor is specialized in repair and maintenance of AC and Dc Motors, generators, Distribution transformers ,welding machines and Large DC power supplies.

Our effort to always strive for service excellence we have developed our own unique Standard Operating Procedure, which has proven effective for so many years in consistently meeting our clients’ unique needs.

Scope of Services

Our advanced repair process often improve equipment beyond its original state. This repair method is an uncompromising process, which has been preferred to top perfected to create a repair will last.

Medium voltage Motor/Generators

Full rewinding using high quality a

resin-rich class F/H insulation system

for motors and generators up to 18kV

Lift magnets

we offer exceptional magnet repair and

remanufacture services for used lifting


On- site repair

Our staff are multi-skilled engineers with extensive experience who can carry out mechanical and electrical repairs on a broad range of equipment including AC and DC motors.

AC/DC Motors

we offer an extensive range of AC/DC

electric motor repair services.

Electrical Transformers

We offer our customers regular and

maintenance and repair services for their transformers.

Electrical Generators

Our Generator Repair Team is capable

to perform electrical /mechanical

repair for the Genset.

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